Man donates frostbitten digits to Canadian bar to use as a cocktail garnish


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QI had this one covered.


Best part is the bacteria & pathogens, that parts free don’tcha know…





Just let it soak in the whisky awhile first.


I guess this gives new meaning to the idea of a “foot fetish.”


I’d prefer an olive.


What a disappointment. I thought he gave them to the Canadian Bar (association) in some kind of weird political protest.


Just so happens to be the color of the toe!


I don’t mind frozen meat, but please defrost and cook it properly. And don’t put it in my drink.


Roger That! Bring it to 165 degrees F, and then no bacteria & pathogens! You’re one smart cookie!


(Actual) Cocktail sausages for the win!


I do a great rum/sage/pork & turkey sausage that just might be a winner for this, just maybe.


Great, now I’m feeling snacky… :cocktail:


Soak your sage / herbs in the rum over night, then fold into desired meat at a low flame, once cooked through, blast it for 2 minutes on high to crisp the edges, you no be disappointed!


Totally trusting you that it won’t taste like feet. :wink:


No one can accuse you of having pedestrian tastes.




That’s right, toe the line on that humor.