Hannity debunks "menacing" Twitter joke about his Olive Garden Pasta Pass


No microwaved meals at Olive Garden… Soups and sauces made in the kitchen

Semolina Pilchard, climbing up the Eiffel Tower, with Donny Boy looking up her skirt. A saucy wench attempting to make her escape.

But I digress. I vaguely recall us eating (I won’t say ‘dining’) at an OG (*) around 1987. Once was more than enough. No, it’s not a 33-year boycott, just as we don’t boycott McD’s. We just know at virtually every other option is better.

(*) It was in Cotati California, where one city official always attended meetings with a grocery bag over his head. Maybe Hannity should take that route.

Have you worked at one?

Do tell please about the handcrafted goodness of their wholesome cuisine.


So…his pass is still valid?

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They have good salad, breadsticks and desserts… or at least they used to.

I haven’t eaten there in years, but when I did I always noticed that the actual entrees were my least favorite part of the meal, no matter what they were.

Now as an adult, I understand why.


I saw similar brand trolling that had been removed where a twitter user branded themselves as Chiquita and issued a statement that going back to its roots and United Fruit Company, Chiquita would never be party to an insurrection and condemns what happened in DC this week.

Both user and tweet were silenced.


Frozen Dinner of the Month Club?


yes…I make soups and sauces at one . Fresh ingredients, for the most part… i.e the red and white beans in the Minestrone are canned, everything else is fresh. The “just like Olive Garden” recipes I’ve seen underestimate things like Alfredo sauce…it’s all heavy cream, butter and cheese, most of the clones use more like a traditional béchamel base. The real OG sauce is expensive to make. I will say the company has been pretty good to their U.S. employees during the pandemic by voluntarily providing emergency pay to their hourly employees (greater than the US stimulus package as I understand it) I maybe shouldn’t say anything about that though :slight_smile: (I’m in Canada, our gov’t has been handling things a little better IMO)


Sounds like the old joke about the guy who found a genie in a lamp, and wished for an always-magically-refilling bottle of whiskey. Then was so delighted, his next two wishes were “two more of these!”


The Fox News concept is to hype any and all “injustices” against conservatives, including imagined ones.


I’m alfrado that’ll take time. Hannity’s still saucy that they won’t legalize his marinara.


Anderson Cooper actually addressed this whole non-troversy on his show the other night and it was quite classy.


Cooper was giving color to these guys (terrorists) going to the hotel and the chain restaurant by the hotel celebrating what they thought was a patriotic protest and not realizing that they’d just committed treason in an attempted coup. Of course Hannity and Carlson, who are both wealthy elites too, pick up on Cooper’s word choice and blow it out of proportion. They just abetted in a coup of the united states. Of course they want to divert attention and find other bad guys.


Typical Fox News playbook.

CBS, NBC, CNN, etc.: Tonight, right wing terrorists shot up another church, 12 dead and 38 wounded.
Fox News: You won’t believe how many puppies this guy has!



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Fck, i love the Residents.

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