HOAX Olive Garden "response" to satirical tweet congratulating Olive Garden for no longer selling AR-15s was itself satirical (updated)


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I see that PopeHat is already in the game. This seems right up his alley.

Streisand, we summon thee!

Edited to hang my head in shame at being caught up in the hoax


Any publicity is good for them… too bad about the food.


Get 'em, wrath of Saint Babs…


There are at least 20 replies from Olive Garden’s verified Twitter account saying they never sent this and their attorneys didn’t send this.

Of course, we only ever saw a screen shot, not a law firm name or attorney name.

But hey, hoaxes are cool on BoingBoing so long as they fit the author’s preconceived notions!


Now tweet congratulations to Olive Garden for refusing to bow to SJW pressure by continuing to sell AR15s.


Hoax or not Olive Garden still sucks.


But of course their poor earning report will say “Millennials something something”, and nothing about how they have replaced food with chemical reactions.


The American Chemical Society demands that you cease and desist your defamatory statements against chemical reactions.


Someone didn’t get their infinite pasta…


Why does it seem that marketing drones have never heard of this before??


I assume the joke is a reference to the fact that LL Bean said they’d stop selling guns, because who the hell knew that LL Bean sold guns? I thought it was satire the first time I saw the news.


Anyone who has read their catalog would know they sell (well, sold) guns ^^’.


Somehow I missed that. Or the California catalogs are different…


Can you help a slightly confused Brit out here?

From what i can gather, It appears a restaurant used to sell guns? If so, a big WTF :slight_smile:



I don’t think they advertised them in the catalog.

“Privately-held L.L. Bean has 37 stores in 17 states, but only its main flagship store in Freeport, Maine, has a license to sell firearms, according to records from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. It also does not sell any hunting rifles or ammunition on its website, although it does sell some accessories, such as rifle bags and gun lockers.”


Is Barbs bustin’ out some gang-signs there?


Well, they didn’t really sell them. Certain menu items used to include a free gun, but I guess those days are over now.


Just BTW, how often is the Streisand effect brought up in interviews with BS?

Also, who delivers a crease and resit letter via emails? They need to be faxed, dude!


Aaaaand… Streisand Effect.