Hannity doesn't know where GOP voters got the idea that mail-in ballots are bad, while Gingrich threatens to "abolish TikTok"

Originally published at: Hannity doesn't know where GOP voters got the idea that mail-in ballots are bad, while Gingrich threatens to "abolish TikTok" | Boing Boing


Hell, they’ve been screaming that voting is bad, period.


I’m old enough to remember when Gingrich put real effort into his intellectual dishonesty. I get that these two have to come up with excuses for why a cartoonishly unsuitable candidate for U.S. Senator didn’t win, but I could do a better job.


They really don’t, though. Murdoch has clearly jumped off the Trump train. I don’t think Hannity, et al, would be risking their jobs by following. Hell, they should be celebrating, and simultaneously kicking themselves, that a cartoonishly unsuitable candidate pushed the election to a run off and made it close! A more traditional GOP candidate probably wins that election. This election gave them their road map out. Ditch Trump and all the ridiculousness that goes with him.


Their problem is, they both know that Murdoch will jump right back onto von Clownstick’s circus train if he somehow wins the GOP nomination. They also know that there are still a bunch of unsuitable politicians who got elected and who they’ll have to support. So they have to flail around like this.

What’s evident here is that neither of them have the pepper anymore. In their prime, you could count on a lot of back-and-forth dog-whistling about “elites” and “urban voters” and “academics in Athens” being the cause of Walker’s “near win”. Instead, they’re embarrassing themselves with talk of mail-in ballots and TikTok.


I’m not entirely convinced of that.

Maybe even Rupe realises stability is preferable and more beneficial to his interests than whatever marginal benefits he might gain while suffering the accompanying unpredictability, after he saw what it looked like in reality after 2016.

But you may still be correct,


I feel like we should get a report from ligo.caltech.edu whenever Gingrich and Hannity are in the same room


… his bad-faith verbal abuse has been copied so much there’s nothing special about him anymore

It’s especially pathetic that people like Gingrich and Ann Coulter are still trying to sell themselves as intellectuals, like William F. Buckley is about to review their new book :books:


I’d love to see these morons trying to impress the youths by dancing on TikTok lmao


Doesn’t Newt have a wife he can be busy divorcing when she’s in the hospital with cancer?

“According to L. H. Carter, Gingrich’s campaign treasurer, Gingrich said of Jackie: “She’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the President. And besides, she has cancer.””


Homer Today GIF


You can see why Gingrich has such an affinity with a “family values” hypocrite like Walker.


How the hell is Newt Gingrich still alive and awake enough to be ranting stupidly on shows like Tucker’s? Is the sheer hate keeping him on this planet?


Gingrich was on Fox News earlier that evening when Herschel Walker was briefly up by a percentage point or two because most of the urban vote hadn’t been counted yet. Anyone who knew how to read an election map should have been able to see Walker was probably going to lose at that point but Newt was crowing about how good things were looking for Republicans and how the left’s “lies” about Walker clearly didn’t work.

It’s so freaking ridiculous that the news media still treats Gingrich like some wizened elder statesman.


I’m speculating a bit here but Murdoch is somewhat insulated because he’s a behind-the-scenes media mogul. He hires talking heads; he isn’t one himself unless he chooses. Hannity and Gingrich, on the other hand, depend on public appearances. Trump’s fan base may be shrinking but his followers are still very passionate–many of them violently so–which is why Hannity and Gingrich can’t risk disavowing Trump or even criticizing him.

They’re stuck on that train even if it goes over a cliff and I don’t feel even a tiny bit of sympathy for them.


To be fair, is he on any other channel than Fox?


Van Jones had him as a guest on his podcast earlier this year, he’s been on The View a bunch of times and he was on PBS Frontline as recently as 2020, so he’s definitely getting a lot more mainstream respect than he deserves.


Ah! I guess, being former speaker has a lot of weight… hopefully, such MAGA type figures will stop being invited on mainstream media…


It would be great if Gingrich donned his commando suit, flew to China, and overthrew the Chinese Communist Party himself.

Mr. Xi, tear down this wall?



Two words - Brain. Worms.