Hansel and Gretel – a thrilling grim version by Neil Gaiman


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If you look into them, almost all fairy tales are horror stories. This is why children need them.


I think Hänsel and Gretel is one that is pretty grim even in the popular versions. Not even Disney managed to turn that one into something cute.


Check out the movie “Whoever slew Auntie Roo” with Shelly Winters.


(Disney Television Studios, circa 1982)

PRODUCER: “Here’s a plot outline about child abandonment, enslavement, imprisonment, witchcraft, murder and cannibalism. We need to turn it into a family film appropriate for all ages. You have until Thursday.”

TIM BURTON: “Can it have Kung Fu and robots?”

PRODUCER: “Sure, why not.”


Are we sure that Wikipedia didn’t dream that?


We are talking early 80s Hollywood, so I imagine there was a whole lot of cocaine involved.


Why do I need Neil Gaiman’s remake?


Because his money pit isn’t quite overflowing enough


Because Neil Gaiman?


Neil Gaiman was on Arthur? How did I miss that? Well other than not really watching TV for a long long time.


And the Simpsons…


I know we’re all supposed to think Neil Gaiman hung the Moon, but I just . . . . don’t. I’ve read a couple of his novels, including American Gods, and found them interesting ideas coupled to pedestrian execution. It’s rather like Stephen King creating the Dark Tower world and then telling a story in it about selling used cars.


As long as Alan Moore is staying away from the story.

If he got his mitts on it there would be a lot of freaky tantric/incest bits in there. I still have PTSD from Lost Girls.


Fair enough. I happen to love his work. Each to their own!


Sandman was freakin great at the time, it made his reputation. I’ve been less and less impressed with everything he’s done since but I dont begrudge him his (supposed) $18M fortune either.

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