Happy 420 Day - very high people on the TV news


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One of the depressing things about middle age is that recreational marijuana has been legal in my state since January and I still haven’t found time or opportunity to actually partake.


Oh hell how long here in WA and I still haven’t picked up even an edible… should I go fix that today?


When it became legal here, I tried some edibles for the first time. Took too much, took a nap, and waited for it to be over. All my pothead friends from high school would be so ashamed. I’ll stick to killing my liver.


It’s bizarre to think that in two months from now, I’ll theoretically be able to go to a corner store one block away and buy marijuana in whatever form I prefer with the same ease as buying a six-pack of beer. You’d think MA would plan their retail roll-out to happen on 4/20, but no.


You know how it goes. The more available it is, the less important it seems.


Now that I think of it I don’t think I’ve tried absinthe since it became legal here either.


It’s still much easier to buy beer. There is a lot of process you have to follow and make sure to bring a lot of cash with you.

My wife and I went for the first time on our anniversary and the experience was fun but overwhelming. Too much selection! It was like visiting the Willie Wonka factory candy store.

I bought some gummies and the budtender suggested trying just half (5mg THC) for the first few times to get used to the concentration. Good thing I listened to her as it made all the difference.


I’m high as a Georgia pine tree, right now…


Call me when you get to California Redwood… :smile:


That’s mighty damn high…



Don’t feel bad. I’ve been a regular imbiber since I was 20 (damn, 31 years gone by), and for various reasons, 4/20 has always been a day when I don’t have any available to smoke.


Seen this video before and every time, the ‘dead by brownies’ part brings back gruesome memories of how sick and panicked I once was following a brownie overdose.


I remember my second high. You know how some people don’t really feel it the first time? Well, the second time was on some Maui Wowie, and I was hooked (but not addicted, for clarity).


The day Oregon legalized recreational weed the medical shop two blocks away started selling. I bought a couple grams, smoked a “Yay! It’s legal!” joint and haven’t touched it since. But I feel really good about that one joint.


Our surprisingly-great new cannabis commission is trying to make it as simple as possible, including working on ways for local credit unions to work with recreational pot shops to allow for debit card purchases. Still, though, with only a small handful of recreational shops opening in June to start off with, I’m sure the lines will be down the block.


They tried that in CO too only to find that no credit union can accept card transactions without jeopardizing their federal charter. They even tried setting up a Colorado-only Coop bank but that fell thru with the Feds wouldn’t give them an ID. This is an issue that can only be resolved at the Federal level.

What I witnessed here was it was a bit like In-and-Out opening a new location: interest was sky high (!) for the first year or so then it quickly died down (not withstanding the influx of out of state pot-tourists. Go to any dispensary and the parking lot is full of non-Colorado license plates). I think the whole industry will experience a huge tipping point once CA comes fully online.

Edit: I see they very recently got a conditional ID from the KC Fed so maybe the tide is finally shifting. Looks like many other hurdles still exist before shops can start taking credit cards though.


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