Happy Birthday, Roy Batty


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I believe that I have watched Blade Runner no less than 500 times. The soundtrack is my go to for my insomnia, it really works.


I love Blade Runner of course but I always thought “Batty” was one weird name for such a heavy character…
Makes me think of Nora Batty from Last of The Summer Wine (the “world’s longest-running sitcom”, apparently).


I hope he dreams of electric sheep.


Does this mean we’re finally going to get those flying cars in just 4 more years?!


I’m already packing for my move to the off-world colonies.


The Satellite of Love just ain’t good enough for you any more, Gypsy?


The real loser in an argument about the meaning of the word ‘hoverboard’ is anyone who leaves that argument on foot.


My all time FAVORITE film! When I applied to seminary, the application asked for 10 works of art that influenced me. Bladerunner was the first on my list.


Like tears in the rain flow my thoughts about being this old…


Meanwhile, in another part of town…


Can the maker repair what he makes?


Ah, the facts of life. You were as made as well as we could make you.


I thought it was “Baty” in the novel.


Good! THAT’S the spirit!


Am I the only one who looked at something besides his inception date?

He’s a Nexus 6?

My Cell phone is a replicant?


I’ve… seen things you people wouldn’t believe…


Well? Didya get in?


…shirtless androids in Spandex…


Tannhauser is nice. Take the gate, it’s quicker.