Happy Pride Month! Instead of just buying stuff, go get involved!

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From last year and about Britain, but even more valid today

We need to fight like our lives depend on it, because they literally do!


support local LGBTQ+ groups, if you can. i used to support HRC until i realized that most of the money goes to their upper management and lavish DC-based parties, i mean “fundraisers.”


“Let’s Grab Beers Tonight, Queens” ad campaign…somehow manages to be culturally appropriative, tone-deaf, offensive, cringey, and irrelevant, all at the same time.

From the mindset that brought us “Happy Passover” and “Happy Martin Luther King Day.” Any movement, event, theme, etc. that gains public attention is to be milked for revenue by connecting it with a product, however dubious the connection.

Does anyone remember the campaign that may have started this trend? Back in the 60s when civic unrest was peaking and “student revolutionaries” filled the news, Chrysler Motors decided to cash in. In their ads a cute model set off a cartoon cannon and invited everyone to “join The Dodge Rebellion.”

Needless to say, good taste seldom enters the equation…

That’s great.

So are you happy to just shop around while the queer and trans folk die?

I’m not sure I understand this question. I believe I remarked upon how advertising and the quest for the almighty dollar trivializes important issues and converts real life concerns into cheap slogans and quick profits. By bringing this up, in what way did I support “shopping around while queer and trans folk die”? Is that not the point? Budweiser offers their cringeworthy, tone-deaf, tasteless irrelevant, etc. campaign because right now LGBTQ issues are in the public eye and Budweiser sees an opportunity to cash in on it. The issue itself is irrelevant. Advertisers like this are not supporting a cause, they’re piggybacking on it so the company can look good while they pick up a few more customers.

I don’t see how acknowledging this bullshit mindset can be interpreted as supporting it. Yes, I care if “queer and trans folk die.” But no, I don’t believe Budweiser and their advertising agency gave the matter much thought when they crafted this offensive campaign.

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Please forgive my ignorance here, but what is the controversy over the pride skittles? Why does the LGBTQ community have a problem with them? What is it that is seen as a mis-step?

I fully support Pride and consider myself on the fringe of the LGBTQ community but I don’t get it.

From what I can gather from google it’s because they’re white? As in race-related white?

If that’s the case then I’m sorry, but I think that’s being overly sensitive. White is simply a lack of color, a design choice born in color theory, nothing more. As a graphic designer, I would be proud of the all-white design, it’s elegantly done.

Personally I think it’s an awesome gesture of solidarity. It’s refreshing to see an international brand get behind the cause and use its power to help raise awareness, all in a fun and whimsical way.

Now the bud light one, yeah that’s bad.

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