Harlequin Creature: a zine where every copy is individually hand-typed by volunteers


Whilst not commenting on the artistic merit of this, I’d say that it is just as well they are “not for profit”. That might not really be a choice.


Good on them for keeping the world’s last remaining typewriter repairman in business. :smile:


Oh I am so in if it is possible next time I am in A2. Thank you for sharing this!

There’s always got to be something else that can be given the hipster artisanal treatment…


Magnificent. I wonder if the poetry is any good?

I’d like to think that these are actually printed out by a computer running an algorithm that throws in random errors, and they’re just telling us they’re hand-typed. Otherwise this is just a waste of human effort for no purpose except to be perverse. Which provides no benefit in art when you can do the same thing in another way and appear to be perverse.


Why? I don’t know the odds, but I worry that this will bring out hand and arm problems in some of the people involved, bringing about chronic pan. which isn’t fun. typing hurts. strong Reason Why Not!

This is a folk art crèche generating contemporary art.


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I’ll wait for it to come out my kindle.


As a developer, I’m always suspicious of projects that brag about the technology used to create the product. For example, “Subways in New York visualized with AngularJS, D3, HTML5 Canvas, and Grunt!”. It strikes me that truly interesting work rarely cares about the delivery mechanism since the content is the point. I had the same reaction reading about this. Emphasizing the hand-made artistic rejection of the digital age only makes me suspect that the delivery mechanism is more interesting than the content itself.

In short, I don’t care how it’s made as long as it’s interesting.


Anybody know what’s with the what looks like a sheet of felt behind the paper?

It looks like carbon copy paper! I wonder what the price difference is between buying the top sheet and the carbon copy sheet of the zine? (Assuming I’m right of course.)

Edited to add a link.

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Damn! Carbon paper. extreme facepalm Makes MUCH more sense than felt. Thanks.

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You seem to be going quite well on the unresolved aspect of this part of their art, so I guess they should just leave it as they like it.

I disagree with this to a certain point. Back in the day I had (deep sigh) an Olympia typewriter that I loved using to send letters to friends and family. There is always the ease and certitude of communicating via email or text message, but I found the exercise delightful. For me, there’s something wonderful about good paper that’s been struck by a typeface–the message is most certainly the most important thing about a letter, but feeling the indents in the back of a typed letter is…just…nice. Likely nostalgic, maybe hipster-ish, but I don’t much care.
Ever since I lost the machine in a move I’ve been trying to think of a way to hook up a daisy-wheel printer to my modern computer system network so that I could have both the longevity of a digital document with the old-world feel of a hand-typed letter. Please note the lack of the word “artisanal” in this post…


Ok, it’s time to start acquiring old spirit duplicators and mimeograph machines. And then sell them to the young 'uns. Just let them sniff the paper, and they’ll pay anything.

I guess those of us who have disabilities which affect us every moment of every day should just keep quiet lest we offend you.

I certainly hope not. And I definitely didn’t extract from your comment that you had disabilities which affected you every day, which I was making light of by questioning the intention of your comment.

It seems to me that deliberately and laboriously constructing something, which may even carry an element of danger, does exist as an idea in the art world.

Sorry if I’ve offended you but from the context of your original comment it appeared that you were sarcastically concern trolling and I just couldn’t grasp the context which would inform me of your intent.

But I do feel it’s more of a Canadian Sorry.

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but… this could cause hand and arm problems was basically my whole comment, how could you read my comment and miss the whole thing?

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