Harley's BMW meets BMW's Harley

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Harley has introduced an adventure bike, and BMW has released a cruiser

I hate everything, and I want to die.


For a ‘big’ birthday a few years ago five friends and I flew into Vegas and rented BMW adventure touring bikes for a Death Valley trip. We were all kitted out on F800GSs and 1200GSs. We pulled up to the visitor’s center at Death Valley for a final water top. Up pulls six Harleys and parked next to us. All the guys climbed off their hogs and came over for water.

It dawned on us all at once that we had six American guys riding rented German bikes, and six German guys riding rented American cruisers. Much laughter in two languages.


That’s wild, good story! There was once during this video that I realized that any mention of Japanese bikes is nowhere to be seen/heard, not even in any of the stories told. In my mind, the Japanese bikes have just dominated the bike scene in the US.


Of course I’m wondering whether that is an ERCOUPE in the background (the yellow plane with the twin tail)

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Both have released electric bikes too, entering the sector from very different directions.


BMW sold a lot of naked bike in the '80s and in the '90s, like the R65 in the photo.
The orange turn lights are a bit too much 80s, but it’s an easy customization to put LED turn lights.


I remember the last time BMW released a cruiser:

Not a great success, if I remember correctly.

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Yeah probably not the best time to introduce a “funny” front end. Even Bond didn’t make it saleable.

BMW engines have found their way into some fabulous choppers though.

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