Harpo-Deetoo and Chicopio in "A Day at the Pod Races"


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That’s insanely good. Thanks for posting.


Well, it is good, but to be fair, it’s easy to do a video mashup when nobody is actually moving their lips.


Exactly, I distinctly saw them doing the ‘who’s on first?’ routine…


Is that footage from Ep IV, or some sort of special?


Notice the magnetic tapes


Painting is even easier – nobody moves at all.


A Marx Brothers stamp on the franchise that’s been lurking under our noses all along. The droids occupy the same position as the Chico/Harpo sidekicks, Zeppo carries the babe to safety but Solo is the Hollywood favorite.


I did. The whole set looked wrong.

Anybody know what it was used for?

Not the XMas LifeDay Special.


It was a 1977 “Making of Star Wars” documentary.

And yes, it was pretty easy to synch the audio without matching the lips. I woke up with the idea and executed it in about an hour.


Welcome to BoingBoing!

ADatR is one of my favorite films, so this was a treat, with a delicious side-order of cognitive dissonance.


Love the futuristic computer technology. Reel-to-reel tape drives!


For anyone who doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about…


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