Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones: “Fly, yes. Land, no.”




We can laugh, but this was a very good landing in a difficult environment. Engines fail. Thats a fact of life.


It occurred to me yesterday there have been several movies in which Harrison Ford narrowly escapes death via airplane.

Force 10 from Navaronne: Shot down by Luftwaffe fighter planes.
Raiders of the Lost Ark: Nearly chopped to bits/exploded by an out-of-control German Flying Wing.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: “Fuel? Fuel??”
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Above. Also, nearly bombed/shot to death by a pair of German P-2 fighter planes.
Six Days Seven Nights: Crash-landing on a desert island.
Air Force One: Pretty sure an airplane figured into this one somehow but I can’t remember.

Am I missing any?


Personally, I’d still want him as my pilot. No actor alive takes a beating like Mr Ford, but in the long run, he’s quite a good-luck charm.


I understand he likes to ride motorcycles too. He’s basically the Space Fonz.


In other words; “Fly, no. land, yes.”


Let’s see Chuck Norris pull that one off.


Now with more pixels:



“Carbonite Blindness” it’s ALMOST fatal…


I’m glad we can laugh at this, cuz really, the guy’s an icon for a lot of us. Han Solo, Decker, Indy… all roles and movies that figured prominently in my childhood, and if I ever have kids of my own, watching those flicks with them would make for & recall some great memories.


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