Harrison Ford has near miss with passenger plane


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Will someone Finally recognize that Chewbacca was more than a pretty face inside the Falcon?!?!



All available evidence suggests that Ford is better at flying than landing.

ETA: I forgot about Six Days, Seven Nights. I’m starting to suspect he’s pulling some kind of insurance scam or something.




They probably didn’t have wookies in mind when they designed his plane.


Man. And I thought having to take grandpas car keys would be awkward…


“Come and get 'em, sonny boy…”


Pretty much what i was thinking. Come on Ford, give up the damn keys.


“Near miss” is a bit ambiguous, but this one is pushing it. :smiley:


This is an example of where “nearly miss” means the same thing as “nearly hit,” and the opposite of “almost missed.” Welcome to English.


Han nearly shot second.


I’m quite aware of this ambiguity in “near miss”, which is why I noted that.

The problem is, I can’t say I’ve ever heard or read anyone say “I nearly missed that” while meaning that they actually did miss it.


Also, rules aside, just a bad idea in general.


Most accidents aren’t from one bad decision or mistake – they are the culmination of several bad ones. The first n-1 decisions might not kill you, but the nth is always there waiting.


Hey now! Any landing you can walk away from…


Exactly. People say they nearly missed something when they intended to hit it and nearly didn’t.


“Missed it by that much” wouldn’t fit in the headline.



[quote=“jlw, post:1, topic:95082”]Ford, 74, was captured on air traffic control recordings asking, “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” Air traffic controllers then informed Ford that he had landed on a taxiway rather than the runway.

After they told him not to deviate from his present course, they granted him permission to land on Platform 327.