Harrowing photo of German police brutalizing defenseless protestor

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/30/harrowing-photo-of-german-poli.html


Here’s that photo at full size (warning: not for the squeamish, hence spoiler tags):


“Because no fucking way would I want to be hit by that water cannon.”



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Hmm, not seeing any of my german friend’s old favorites there: the gloves filled with birdshot. Clearly we’re making progress!


Is that protestor wearing tactical boots?

Fuck the police! (After a nice romantic dinner, maybe a moon-lit walk on the beach…)


Hmmm… correct me if I’m misunderstanding what I’m seeing in this short out-of-context clip. The woman in red is grabbed by police. The woman in black (possibly attempting to get to her/help her) charges the police officers, who grab her, and hit her three times; one strike en-passant to the back of the knees to stop her, the next is on her ass, and then a final strike somewhere near her quad/thigh. Once she’s on the ground and stops resisting, they let her go and move on, leaving her sitting on the ground, still holding her water bottle. Also, let me note that all of the baton strikes in this video seem really low powered - I’m not seeing any windup or power snaps, not targeting hard targets (bones, etc.). I never like seeing the police react with violence, but this seems like really really REALLY mild treatment to me. Perhaps I’m used to the way American militarized police have treated me and mine at our protests?

Germany: Makes a few ineffectual swats.

Spain: “No, no, no. Let me show you. Hold my beer.”


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