Harvey Keitel's 1985 sci-fi epic Star Knight on YouTube



I remember seeing this movie when I was a little kid, in my grandmother’s house, and thinking “Woah, so corny and cheesy!”.

I think it was so because I recognised the “star knight” as the famous singer he was and that destroyed all my little kid credulity…

To be fair, “Amante Bandido” was a mega hit in Spain, and even little seven years old kids like me could sing it.

gimme a break, it’s rated at 21% on rotten tomatoes

Lots more to find though. “Fantastic World of Jules Verne,” try “Brother from Another Planet,” “Idaho Transfer.” Non-cheesy old stuff. Too bad they took down all the anaglyph (red/blue 3D-glasses) sf monster movies. Jazz soundtrack from “4D Man!” THE KILLER SHREWS!

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pretty please with sugar on top. get down off the fuckin’ rock

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