Haspel now likely to get CIA boss confirmation. Thanks, Democratic senators. You had one job


It is sad that we live in a world made by and for Alphas.


To clarify, I believe a politician like the two I mentioned appointed as director, would be nominated and would allow torture to be carried out by third party prisons with CIA knowledge.

Another commenter mentioned Susan Gordon is the backup nominee but that is not true. A CNN article from May 7th said, “National security officials and some Republicans are preparing contingency plans.” The article’s information comes from, “two intelligence sources familiar with the matter.” I believe this is valid information but the president alone makes the nomination and would be doing so in response to a rejection he would see as politically motivated. Saying Gordon is the backup nominee is objectively incorrect. For that statement to be correct there would have to be a law that requires a backup nominee to be put forward with the nominee, to be appointed or considered for appointment if the actual nominee is blocked, and this is not so.


She’s identified as an alternate in a contingency plan (AKA a backup plan). There’s no law that’s required to do this, and Presidents usually have a couple of alternates lined up in case a nominee is rejected. For example, when Prince Bush nominated Harriet Miers to replace O’Connor on the SCOTUS and it didn’t work out he nominated Samuel Alito a few days later* – no law needed for him to do that.

In the same way that Prince Bush nominated a completely unqualified person for the Supreme Court, this “president” can nominate anyone he wants to head the CIA: Christie, Nunes, Jared “Fredo” Kushner, Kanye West.

In the case of CIA director position, though, it seems that national security officials and senior Republicans have some input into who gets nominated, probably because this a critical position in the “deep state” that Il Douche’s supporters always cry about. This would explain why Haspel herself was nominated.


[* my guess is that he wanted Alito all along, probably at Scalia’s insistence. The Miers nomination was just absurd]


Anyone who has ever administered a large organization without torturing people is a better choice. You could grab a regional manager from Orange Julius and they are probably a better choice. Torture must be a full complete disqualifying action.


Never oppose evil. Because there will still be evil. Got it.


I don’t think the “you had one job” meme works when you’re talking about senators.

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