Hate acts in U.S. against Jewish people up 57% in 2017, ADL counts 1,986 anti-Semitic incidents

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What the hell happened in 1994?

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Um, thanks for the reference I guess, I do try to keep up with nutso literature.

And from what I’m seeing it’s pretty nutso…

EDIT: If I were as clever as Antinous, I’d have posted “piñata at twelve O’clock!”

EDIT2: Moderators removed an explicitly anti-Jewish screed from just above my post, and another from a few posts below. It referenced some antisemitic hate literature that you can apparently buy on Amazon.


Yeah, I had to peek at the reviews of it myself. Are there really many people who believe “they” killed JFK, were behind the Oklahoma city bombing, and the war on Iraq? Pure comedy gold. Seems folks like Beserker conflate Zionism with Judaism. Too uninformed for that much hatred!


One might think there weren’t enough Jewish people foolish enough, deep enough in denial, or just easily bought off by a U.S. embassy in Jerusalem not to make the obvious connection between the resurgence of anti-Semitism in the U.S. and the promotion and normalisation of right-wing populism by Putin and his orange fanboi. One would be wrong:

[as expected, this thread is already bringing out some mouth-breathing acolytes of the “socialism of fools”]


The money one can make if you don’t have any sense of ethics (or just sense in the case the author really believes the screed they are penning)


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Lots of people watching Romper Stomper and deciding that being a neo-nazi skin was cool?

I do think that around that time, The Turner Diaries seemed to be circulating around, too and just in general the neo-nazis were doing a major round of recruiting disaffected youth.


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