Hate the new 'look' so much

Really really hate the new website look. I used to just scroll down and see all the stuff posted recently, in order, in a sensible sized font. Now there are two columns which I have to alternate between, and the stories are tiny. Thinking of un-subbing. Why change shit that just works?

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Please try http://boingboing.net/page/1


Have you considered just changing boingboing.net to look like /page1 and making /page1 to look like the current version? It seems like it would save a lot of time regarding bookmarks.


Also, just so information on the other topics are consolidated: BB stated they are working on changes to improve the current homepage, based on feedback here and elsewhere.

/page1 should be subsumed into the new design aesthetic. Right now, it’s detracting from the boingboing brand.

I suggest a rebranding. Let’s call it … Page 3.


will there be tits?

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The new format is also a mess on my iPad 2. It freezes up when I try to click thru on anything. Also, when viewed in portrait orientation, the individual posts push the body of the post below the boxes and ads, leaving a big blank space at the top.

There are other, more active threads, on the same topic. See you there!

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