Haunted Mansion Etsy Rummage: the golden age of Mansion merch


I really don’t get the weird amount of … cultural awareness and fascination that follows one attraction in one (series of) amusement parks. Oh well, I guess I might get it if I actually visit. :smiley:

Regarding the Madame Leota spellbook, that is actually a thing in the Mansion. It was added during a recent (within the past five-ish years) attraction update… Specifically, the update that caused Leota to hover over her table.

If you like technology, storytelling, theater and art it’s a natural combination.
Check out the new LPS (Local Positioning System) trackless ride system
The ride vehicles can do reprogrammable paths, which means they can redesign the ride and implement it overnight or take scenes out and put in new scenes.


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I think you figured it out by the time you wrapped up your post.

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