Haunting a Tiny House with Lady Delaney


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Needs more fairies.


I was really, really hoping for a story about a haunted hipster trailer here. Just sayin.


“There I was, in my 188sq ft Tumbleweed Cyprus in Portland, just sitting back wearing my fedora and drinking a tall PBR, when it appeared.”


What an interesting idea.


I would totally watch that movie.


Have you spent any time with families affected by mental illness?
Or is " If there’s insanity involved, so much the better." just titillating?


Have you never enjoyed a ghost story? “Haunted hipster trailer” isn’t exactly the same thing as what you’ve got in mind.


Are you saying hipsters are mentally ill, the characters in ghost stories are mentally ill, or people who like ghost stories are mentally ill?


I am quite well acquainted with insanity on a personal level.

That, however, does not prevent me from enjoying a work of fiction in which the antagonist or others are insane.

Your mileage may vary.


Is there a good list of other similar, quality, by mail experiences? I love the idea, but they are usually expense and I don’t really know which ones are worth my time/money.


The Mysterious Package Company
The Mysterious Experience Company
It’s good to ask about the individual experiences they offer since not all are created equal and some will appeal to certain recipients more than others. Ask!

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