Have you always wanted a pet micropig? This Chinese genetics firm is making one for you


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The traditional problem with micropigs (if it isn’t known already) is they tend to still grow into behemoths.

But they are still so cute!!!


I am saying noooo. I hate pigs. Horrible creatures…


It seems like they think they have fixed that problem. Or, they’re just scammers who SAY they have fixed it.


It would be cool if they did, but if you think a cat can mess up your furniture…

Don’t drop any food, they will root through your floor. But some day I will have outdoor piggies.


Whatcha talking about? What other animal converts vegetables into bacon?!


Well yes, they are tasty. They are even cute as babies. Grown up adult pics are demons.


Where are my micro elephants!


There’s a David Cameron/Fleshlight joke in this, but I wouldn’t touch it with Cameron’s 10-centimeter pole.


one aisle down from the house hippos


Pigs are useful.


Am I the only one who sees something wrong with $100,000 pet pigs and cloned dogs? Humane society is getting ready to gas some more puppies, guys.


These are only $1600 pet pigs. Many breeders of purebred dogs will charge in this neighbourhood. (Which is why I refuse to get a dog from a breeder, when there are so many awesome dogs in shelters)


Elephants? I want a tiny rhinoceros the size of a staffie.


Aw, geez, that would be so cute!


These are probably just a marketable by-product of their research. Not sure if it was bbc or here (or bbc linked here for that matter) but the dna sequencing capacity that China was applying to just pigs outstripped the total capacity of many western countries.


is this where bacon bits come from?


Will there be a black market for gene-modded pets in areas where gene mods aren’t allowed without amount of paperwork that can weigh more than a house?

Because that would be really cool.


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