Have you seen this missing woman? Alexa Morgenstern, last seen in Las Vegas, April 1


Let’s hope for the best. She hasn’t been missing very long.


My family doesn’t know where I am either but nothing bad happened to me. She may have found her life taking her in a direction that didn’t include her family too. Hopefully nothing bad happened but a lack of contact, despite her history, doesn’t automatically implicate foul play.

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Don’t really understand what your point is. Yes it doesn’t automatically mean foul play and let’s hope that shes safe but certainly looking for her is not premature especially given that her friend has apparently died.


And your family isn’t wondering what happened to you?


That’s not really a likely outcome to ditching rehab, sorry.


Xeni, I support you for posting this.
Your post may be out of kilter with your publishing guidelines, but I support your post due to the urgency.


Do you know about the disappearance of Richey Edwards (self harm trigger warning) in 1995? His family, friends, fellow bandmembers and fans don’t know if he died or not because he was never found. It could have been avoided, if the police had taken the disappearance of a depressed, anorexic, self harming recovering alcoholic seriously.

It is very important to start looking for missing people early, especially if they are vulnerable. Just because you are doing alright after disappearing doesn’t mean that everyone does.


Your friend should, if she hasn’t already, contact Red Rock Search & Rescue. They engage in urban & wilderness searches & have 100s of volunteers.

(702) 758-4SAR

Dave Cummings is the Group commander & Dana Richardson is the Vice Commander.


Wow. Does your family know you are ok? I hope you spared them anguish.

I went through “the search” multiple times for my brother and my ex wife. It is a nightmare - living hell really - for family. How it ended is private. But I am now trying to help a friend in the same situation. Heroin, a missing daughter and around the same age. Xeni…please tell your friend(s) that to search now is important and justified. Reaching out like this is commendable too :slight_smile: However, ask them to hold on to faith and hope as they will need that to counter the fear. Often people who run away, especially when addiction and/or mental illness is involved, are too lost in fear and pain to reach out. They “vanish” because they are going to ground. In my friends case, her daughter just showed up (in court, but alive) last week after going missing last Oct. There is hope.


Let’s not assume other people’s families would be that anguished, or that there may not be good reasons to cut contact and keep it that way.

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Realistically, this isn’t likely given that she ditched rehab with a friend who has turned up dead and apparently while needing medical treatment she is presumably not seeking.

While you exist, you don’t seem to resemble this situation at least insofar as what you have disclosed, you don’t know the relationship here with the family, her personality, or lots of things that might make YOU a poor comparison.

I have lived in Vegas all of my life. Most homeless women tend to hang around The Strip and Downtown. If she is still alive it is most likely she will eventually be picked up by LVPD and booked into the jail. If she is living with someone in North Las Vegas or Henderson it might take a while longer. Vegas is a 24hr town, so it is not unusual for people to be out at all hours of the day and night. The temperature is still in the low 90’s, so it is easy for people to hag out on the street … When it heats up here in about a month, homeless tend to go to facilities that check ID.

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