He might have been attacking the Hobby Lobby store next door

I heard jumping to conclusions is considered to become an Olympic Games sport.


Perhaps he was a Holly Hobby Lobbyist?

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We certainly can jump to conclusions, but which establishment has more bullet resistant glass, PP or HL.

Fun fact, eight years or so ago I heard a talk from the ciso of Starbucks. They were installing bullet resistant glass in their stores. Not because they had problems or incidents, and not as a PR stunt. Just out of general concern and wanting to keep their customers safe.

(Their coffee sucks, but they do have ethical people working for them)


The latest was that he walked into the PP and started shooting up the place. If things were unclear at first, I don’t think they are now.

He also said “no more dead baby parts”. I don’t think Hobby Lobby has those.


Well then, I think it is less Jumping to Conclusions as it is Sashaying Towards Facts at this point.


Right? I think while it was an active scene it was unclear what was happening (and as almost ANYPLACE can be a mass shooting target now) it’s probably a good idea to be cautious as it’s still happening. But I think it’s pretty clear what’s going on with this shooting now.


Yeah, anyone with a memory of the last forty odd years probably got it right immediately, but angry white men with guns do the darndest things. (Not to make light of the situation. But I am really gettin’ bummed out by my demographic)


Okay, I am going FULL, DARK, NOT FUNNY SATIRE on this one.

Where the hell are the angry, middle aged white men with guns denouncing this act of terrorism!!?? They must all be the same, with their anti Christian beliefs and weapons of mass destruction!

National registry for all angry, middle aged white men! Rabble rabble!


Wrong again, Marxist SJWs!

In all seriousness, if he really said no more baby parts, then I wouldn’t be surprised if he was motivated by the horrendously misleading anti-PP videos. Those people, who deliberately lied and dissembled, have real blood on their hands. They are among the worst examples of what the human race has to offer.


Btw. from all this discussion everywhere about not knowing the real target I expected a much more confusing situation. It’s a small campus surrounded by dirt and empty space, all medical services in three buildings spaced well apart. There was never much room to mistake anything else for “at the Planned Parenthood Center.”


Hobby Lobby seems more like the kind of place where a young black guy would get shot 46 times by the cops for brandishing an electric drill in an allegedly provocative manner.


Shot 46 times by the patrons, right?

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As someone outside the USA, the Hobby Lobby sounds like a radical group of guys who glue together plastic Messerschmidt 109’s.

Teaming up with the fried chicken consortium at Chickfila.


I wish that’s what it was. Instead it’s a shitty craft store that refuses to give their employees full health coverage because WHORE PILLS ARE ABORTIONS!!!


Now, hours later, it occurs to me I should’ve said “glue gun” instead of “electric drill.”

I don’t really know whether Hobby Lobby sells either of those things


Wait a second…


Aaaaand we have a title.

I am thinking this should be maybe a jazz trio?


Probably cheap, shitty versions THAT DENY WOMEN THEIR WHORE PILLS, AS THEY ARE FROM GOD!!!

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Yes. That is acceptable.

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A hobby lobby opened in our town. My wife and I rage-drive past it.

Oh, and we let our hobbiest friends know that not only are they bad employers, but you can get higher quality/less expensive supplies at equally convenient locations.


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