He thinks he's going to lose! Trump says U.S. Presidential election "could be rigged"


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“To call another candidate “The Devil” is unprecedented in predominantly-Christian America, where locals often place deep stock in religious traditions.”

You must be aware of how completely out of hand political mud slinging was back after the country was founded right? Calling a candidate the devil is classless but really tame compared to things that have been said in the past.


predominantly-Christian America, where locals often place deep stock in religious traditions.



For some reason I keep hearing this in the voice of David Attenborough…


Clinton thought up that whole electoral college thing, and nobody even understands it.


So, falling short of “Made history for being the biggest buffoon to become president” Trump is now actively gunning for “Made history for instigating a violent standoff between his supporters and the FBI.”



When 20% of Republicans think Obama actually is ‘the Antichrist’, it’s just the next step. To be fair, I didn’t find any quotes from Republican leaders directly calling Obama that.

(The one in four number from the link’s headline must be lumping in all the ‘not sure’ responses to sound higher).


Melania must be very embarrassed by him admitting defeat like that. Time for her to head home, no sense her wasting her time watching him self-destruct in public.


John Boehner once referred to Ted Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh”. Maybe this devil-caling is a Republican thing.


Jared Yates Sexton also reported that at the same rally, he declared that Clinton donors “have their foreheads emblazoned”. So he’s not only declaring his opponent is literally the devil, he’s implying that her followers bear the Mark of the Beast.


Don’t you actually have to be ahead in the polls, and favored to win, and then mysteriously lose on election day for it to be “rigged”?

In grade school we had a phrase for what Trump is doing, it’s called “loser talk.”


Losing is unthinkable - he’s Donald Freaking Trump - so he’s setting it up so he can deny losing. He will retreat to his bunker below Mar-a-Lago and call on all real Americans to burn the world down.

His statement may also be a tactic to guarantee a fair election by encouraging open-carry Drumpfsters to patrol the polling stations, on the lookout for visible fraudulent voters.


You sort of have to admire the evil genius of it. Under fire for his relentless attacks on the Khan family, but knowing there are still a lot of butt hurt Bernie supporters who are crying foul over the DNC favoring HIllary (you know, favoring a Democrat who worked her ass off for the party for decades over an Independent who never lifted a finger to help the party but suddenly wanted to be anointed a Democrat), it was a shrewd move to suggest there was chicanery afoot. The only thing Trump does better than lie is to SUGGEST certain things might be fact. His cronies don’t bother with evidence. Suggestions are all they need. He suggests Hillary is rigging the election, then clearly it must be true because she also rigged the primaries. Voila! Really, all Trump needs now is a hollowed out volcano for a lair and he’s the best Bond villain yet.


This shitheap acts exactly like the 4th grade playground bully. Behind the bravado he’s a coward with an ego as fragile as spun sugar. Drumpf has literally never grown up; he’s the dark side of the Peter Pan complex. Parents, you want to see what happens when you spoil a child? Read the headlines.


I wonder if it’s worse to be “The Devil” or a “Secret Muslim?”

Anyway, if the Trump loses, that will be used as clear evidence that we need some more restrictive voter-fraud laws.


If only he believed he had to be honest it would be a nice change.


If Trump is trailing by anything more than 4% by late October, we are going to see a meltdown, and not just of Trump. I’m already worried about the safety of ‘visibly Democratic’ voters in some parts of this country.


“Clinton did it” will be the new meme for the next 8 years from the TEAGOP, count on it. Afterall they just spent 8 years saying “Obama did it”.


Thanks, Clinton.