Headbadges: the lost, gorgeous bicycle hood ornaments of yesteryear

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I always coveted one of these:

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‘hood ornament’?

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Seems these have become just logo stickers now.

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This seems like the kind of thing a maker space might be good for. CAD drawing, laser cutting, CNC milling, 3d printing.


what? your bicycle doesn’t have a hood?

Why would you want a badge saying you are the BS Queen/Prince?

yeah, that’d be a hard sell nowadays : P

if it wasn’t obvious, the BS in this case is the Japanese company Bridgestone, which quit selling bikes in the US probably around 1990-ish. This is the same company that makes the tires, though. Kinda like how you can get a Yamaha piano and a Yamaha dirt bike. The Bridgestone tire market is still alive and well in the US and probably worldwide.

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Panasonic also makes bicycles, and used to sell them in the US as well - and they also OEM’ed some Schwinn models back during the 1970s bicycle boom.

yeah, Panasonic and most other Japanese models in that era used respectable alloys of steel plus Shimano parts were starting to be quite competitive, whereas Schwinn and even “good” euro makes had models (e.g. Raleigh, Peugeot) that used “high-tensile” steel aka gaspipe and less-cool components. The Panasonic Schwinns are actually good (for the time, or for retro-grouches now) if you know how to properly ID them.

For their race team, department-store stalwarts Huffy actually re-branded a fancy Italian make, maybe Pinarello or suchlike. I’m not sure if they were offered for general sale (can’t imagine anyone buying one when they could just get an actual Pin) but there are some still out there on the re-sale market I guess from former team-members.

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