One of my motorcycles now comes complete with Kung Fu grips




Just because a BB post doesn’t get a lot of comments doesn’t mean it’s not AWESOME!


On my old BMX bike I had these and I think they were called mushroom grips 'cause they look like the undersides of a mushroom.

nice and squishy. :smile:


Wonder if I could get them when i get my new scooter?
We need more bike posts.
Motor or otherwise


So dissapoint.
I expected them to have dragons imprinted on the ends.


I wish I knew about these things 35 years ago, before my hands started to give out on me.


Nothing you can’t make or get made as custom-mod! :smiley:

(Shouldn’t one of the pair be a tiger? Though the more dragons the more awesome. :stuck_out_tongue: )


These are simply the old ODI Mushroom grips we used on BMX and early MTBs. Have not seen them for a while, but Ihave not been looking either.


I’m going to hang on till I can get Vulcan Death Grips.


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