Headfonia reviews the classic Sennheiser HD650s

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Surprised to see this here :smiley:

Love my HD650!!!

I would never have called them flimsy though…

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No, they are tanks. They are also not very conducive to listening while others are in the area – they are very open. Open like bookshelf speakers.


nods along HD600s are worth a look, too. 7.5 years since purchasing, with near-daily home use for all PC audio (and more than a bit of abuse) on solid state and tube headphone amps, I could only imagine wanting to replace them with another identical pair, and find them suitable for everything from The Floating Points’ latest EP to old analog recordings of Francis Poulenc, or Siriusmo to Stravinsky to The Cinematic Orchestra.

I have a pair. Great 'phones.

My wife got me a pair of these as a birthday present 15 years ago for studio monitoring. They take pride of place in my studio space to this day. Never needed any maintenance.

The only problem I have with these for studio monitoring is they make everything sound fucking glorious. They are excellent for detail though, no pop or click will escape you on these.

If you are working on a track at 3 in the morning when everyone is in bed and you have these cranked, you might as well use your nearfields, these things spill so much. Also forget using them for tracking with any mics in the vicinity.

In the studio I’m driving them with a Denon hifi amp, but I’ll happily use them with my tablet too. They’re high impedance though, I use a little fiio amplifier to beef up the signal from the tablet.

Love these cans and can’t recommend them enough.


And here I am, with a set of cheap HD 201s with HD418 velvet replacement pads…

Y’all make me feel like I’m missing out on something in life by not having all this high-quality gear.


they just look the business end of story
but I don’t like my ears getting hot like they do
so don’t wear headphones

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