Health inspectors in Florida shut down sushi buffet over the fact they found at least 150 mouse turds

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This seems like a travesty of justice.

It is well known that the capybara is a fish for culinary purposes; and mice are essentially small capybaras; further, it is very possible that marine murine egg fertilization occurs externally, as is common in fish.

These aren’t droppings; this is the prized mouse roe; now probably going to waste.


meh, we’ve all found mouse droppings in our kitchens. If anything shut this shit down because it’s a …sushi…buffet. *shivers*. In business model alone alone they’ve shown a callous disregard for the tenets of health and safety.

Just being a “sushi buffet” should be enough to close the place down… :thinking:

I guess those weren’t toasted sesame seeds after all…

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I initially read that as “150 moose turds”, and nearly got whiplash from the double take.

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