Disgusting Food Museum coming to Los Angeles


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I thought they already had Arby’s in LA?





Huh. I thought that casu marzu and similar maggot-decomposed cheeses were illegal even in the EU. I wonder how they managed to get it and serve it in the US.


Disgusting Food Museum coming to Los Angeles

Los Angeles doesn’t need a second one…


For a second there I thought that was a callback to Harlow’s monkey experiments – the sort of sophisticated reference that would appeal to consumers of Real English Wine, perhaps.


Face it, all food is disgusting-- we chew it up and get saliva all over it, and it only get’s worse from there.


Well who wouldn’t go for a cool, refreshing glass of mouse wine?


Or fascinating, from scientific perspective. Especially because both source of food and person consuming it are extremely complex, emergent phenomena.


It pairs nicely with the maggot cheese. I was relieved that a very fancy wedding I went to on Sardinia some years back wasn’t quite that traditional.


This would be the “only gets worse from there” part I was alluding to. Usually takes place in the bathroom.


You go on in. I’ll just wait by the food truck across the street.


this occurred to me–


This is a classic.


Well… That’s entirely different perspective :slight_smile:




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