Hear the sounds of the Sun


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Sounds like one of my Uncle’s BBQ’s when I was a youngster.


How do I get a sun-message without that nerd talking over it?

I wanna hear the sun god. Not a nerd blathering on about it.

EDIT: nevermind, there’s a link (eventually) below the first called “sun sonification” that works.

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This should nicely complement the recording of the Earth’s magnetic field. I think you can find it on YouTube. It’s pretty short actually.


Yer welcome


You can also hear it here, at :45

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I remember a friend playing that record for me back in '85 or '86… when I’d go to the record store, I couldn’t figure out why it kept turning up with XTC’s records. After I finally bought it, a few more months went by before I figured it out.

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So… good vibrations?

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