“Heartography” lets dogs take pictures whenever they’re excited

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I’m very conflicted. At first I’m like “Kickass! What a simple execution to figure out something as profound as what a dog sees as exciting and important, from its own point of view and everything.”

Then I’m like “If I put this on my dog, I’m going to get about a thousand photos of other dogs’ anuses, and a few pics of cat shit in the process of being eaten.”


Oddly, you’d get the same results if this rig was worn by Charles C Johnson.


Hi Grizler, you’re looking awfully human today.


Oh snap!

…it’s funny because it’s a shutter joke.

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So, I watched the video. I read the comments and I saw the link to the photo that was clearly re-shot to look like it was from the dog’s height. But for the other shots, if they were from the dog my question is?

Who Owns the copyright of these dog photos?

Is the ad campaign totally lying, or slightly lying? Maybe both. The product might work, but all of the photos aren’t the dog’s. But it still something important for Nikon.

  1. Got your interest. Dogs? Technology? 3D printers? Cool! It got my interest. Mission accomplished.

But then the other big thing for ads. Did it sell product?

2)For me, no. But I don’t have a Dog. But what if it was available for people who DO have a dogs? And a few extra hundred to spend on the holder and camera? How many do they need to sell to make it profitable?

What if they can only sell a few, but the people how use them post constantly on Twitter and Facebook with the “My DOG took this shot!” “My Dog has more twitter followers than I do!”
Let’s say Heartography cost $599.99 at Amazon Start with outrageous, More than a camera to cover the one-off costs and make them “exclusive” Then mark down to 399, 299 and 99 as the months go on.

Nikon could capture the “adventurous Dog” photographer market!

Could they do for this bunch what GoPro did for the outdoors action sports people? Yes!. More people have dogs than fill wingsuits and BASE jumb. Soon photos FROM Spot and Rover will be all over Facebook.

Then people tire of the blurry photos the dog takes of the tree, the bush and the garbage can. But Nikon will have sold them a camera (which is the real goal) plus a one shot expensive device that will be used 3 or 5 times and just pocket the cash, they might even make it cheaper as a way to sell that camera. They can charge a butt load for it as long as they make sure it only fits Nikon cameras.

Then the knockoffs will come out from China so soon every Rover, Spot and Bear will be sporting a camera that is wireless connected to the internet providing more Surveillance for Samaritan. …

(Did you like the way I got Person Of Interest in there? :slight_smile:

The ad might be fake, but the Nikon brand got associated with an interesting place. If they don’t put this on TV do they still have to follow truth in Advertising laws?

Didn’t we already have this conversation?

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