Heimlich Maneuver developer, 96, saved a life with his own technique for the first time


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Sadly, it completed replaced my technique, of wrapping my hands around the choking victim’s neck and shaking vigorously. Still, It’s good to be remembered, even if it is as a monster.


If you want to be privileged enough to experience the Heimlich maneuver yourself, kids, definitely try jumping on a trampoline with hard candy in your mouth!

[Disclaimer: no, actually don’t.]


You beat me to it… I love this bit.


Apparently the dude went on to try and create other techniques, some more questionable than others. There’s a great RadioLab episode about him, and I fully recommend listening to it.


Hey, that’s my kink!

(okay, not really MY kink)


I know, I know; Wikipedia isn’t completely reliable, but it claims that the Heimlich Manouevre has been rather discredited, at least as a first-resort: first try a cough, then DO try a back-slap, then only if that fails, try the Heimlich Manouevre.



@Minsitry and Wikipedia are correct. The Heimlich manoeuvre is considered 3rd or 4th line at best for foreign body airway obstruction. We no longer teach it.
Source - I’m an emergency physician and advanced life support instructor.


I used the manoeuvre about fifteen years ago to stop my then girlfriend’s 3yo daughter from choking on a boiled lolly… Never practised it before or anything, but once I realised it was happening (about two seconds in), I was up and spun her around, and popped it out in about a second, while my girlfriend was still screaming.

I impressed myself quite a bit; it was so quick and smooth it was like it was choreographed and rehearsed.


This came as a great relief to all the other residents of the retirement home, who describe Professor Heimlich spending the last ten years waiting in the dining room, ready to lunge any time someone coughed or cleared their throat.

" ahem – I’M FINE! GET OFF OF ME!"


Well, this drawing does have a non-hairy Joy of Sex vibe…


Some of the weirdness he promoted like malariotherapy (giving a patient malaria deliberately in order to stimulate their immune system to fight a worse problem like AIDS) might not be as crazy as once thought though. Ken Cadwell recently presented evidence that parasitic worms can cure Crohn’s disease. Okay, worms aren’t as bad as malaria, nor Crohn’s AIDS, but the idea of using a pathogen as a stimulant might not be crazy.



I broke my best plunger developing my technique. Joe the Killer the ingrates said!

[Name not actually Joe (thank Satan). Making a tasteless Joe the Plumber joke.]


Someone saved my life with it once.


Plunger? Such overkill. Celery works just fine!

Oh wait, never mind, that’s the other end. Carry on then.


You might be doing it wrong. :wink:


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