Professor trapped In Himalayan crevasse records video diary of his escape


Holy crap. Did he make it out all the way on his own? That’s remarkable


I almost never see something on the intewebs where I’m afraid to click through and watch… These videos, however, are giving me pause…

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Reminded me of 127 hours. I’m amazed he made the effort to film everything one-handed!

All right, all right, we get it, you hurt your arm. Jeez, what a drama queen.

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Funny, how I expected a professor to swear less than that.

Sounds kinds concussed, I wonder if he realised he had made the first video when he started on the second. “Hey I know, I’ll make a video.” is a good idea, even when you forget you’ve already done it.

Sir, my hat’s off to you. You are a bad ass.

Idiot chooses to go to dangerous terrain they can’t negotiate adequately. Idiot nearly dies failing to negotiate hostile terrain they chose to go to. Idiot nearly dies. Idiot survives. Idiot lionized. All Hail the conquering hero who survived the consequences of his own foolhardiness.

Cynical? I have known people who died doing things equally foolhardy and I think it is stupid, and if he had died that would have left people who loved him heartbroken - because of his selfishness.

I have known other people who died due to hostile environments they didn’t choose to be subjected to. And I count myself as a person who has survived hostile environments I didn’t choose to be subjected to.

I also saved someone from dying in the throes of a grand mal seizure.

I’m not a hero.

Someone who chooses to negotiate a dangerous terrain then nearly dies as a result is not a hero either.

I haven’t seen anyone use the term “hero” in relation to this story except for you. But you did it three times so maybe that makes up for somebody else who would have.

You’re so right. Nobody should ever take risks or call attention to extraordinary measures that they undertake to save themselves; it’s horribly unfair to people sensible enough to never venture out of their safe zones. You’ve inspired me to have Amazon ship me some bubble wrap in bulk (can’t go to the store myself! Might get hit!) so that I can wrap myself in it whenever I can’t avoid going outdoors.

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Yes. I can see why you are saying that. No. No-one is saying “hero”. Except me. I don’t think I made my point particularly well, and in fact I am not happy that I used the word “idiot” either. So apologies to all concerned.

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