Zsa Zsa Gabor, 1917-2016


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Sure, if you’d move that cat out of the way.



It’s only fitting for each of us to slap a cop in the face to honor her memory.


Thanks for letting us know. My mood today was too good, I needed something to bring that back to normal.


that was clearly Eva in the clip


Zsa Zsa should have married a US President. That White House would have been a world-class hoot.


Oh man it was just last week – last week! – I was telling people, y’know when she turns 100 in February she plans to move back here to Budapest! Now I’ll never know if it was really true. And although she was perhaps the most famous Hungarian in the US she was never very well-known or celebrated here in Hungary.




And let’s not forget Dr. Heimlich.


She was the last of the three Gabor sisters, and between them they were married 20 times.


don’t think you can throw light on her deeds unless you show light on greta gabo

is there really any practical advice when you fall off your chair laughing


Another of my baby sitters is gone. RIP, Lisa.


I think you’ve got the wrong Gabor. I’m assuming you’re referring to Green Acres, which starred Eva.


it might be confusing because it is Eva in the video clip. the Carson archives got that one wrong when listing it as a Zsa Zsa skit.





I suppose every generation has its Kardashians.


That only works if you are white. Otherwise you may end up getting “involuntarily ventilated”


[The dessicated corpse of Bela Lugosi rises from the grave to teach you some manners]


Whose pants did he rip off?