Heinlein's bed up for auction


Why is it when I sleep in this bed I feel like a sexist little boy?

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Bob really liked his built-ins.

Too bad it’s across the country to me; it’s perfect! Plus Heinlein - my first sci-fi/soft porn!

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I do have a few bits of author memorabilia – a small model of one of the Burgess Shale critters which once belonged to Doc Smith is probably the most interesting one – but I don’t feel a great need for furnishings with that kind of provenance.

On the other hand, I do need to build or buy something similar for one of the bedrooms in my house. (Probably build, given the prices stores want for plywood boxes.)

I might have been interested in purchasing this way back when. Having read To Sail Beyond The Sunset in the interim, however, the idea of sleeping in a bed where Heinlein once slept kinda creeps me out now.

So funny. I grew up reading Heinlein, starting about 5th grade. Read one, then my dad insisted I read them all. Didn’t have to tell me twice. Loved it all! And did not ever know until just a few years ago that he was, like me, pretty much a freak for multi-function, minimalist furnishings. - which is why I sleep on my own design. (But still - Heinlein!)

Tribbles ARE flat cats!

I’m reminded of Thorby in his cabin of the Sisu.

I’d bid in a heartbeat… but it’s a queen size. Now that I’ve reached my particular station in life (that is: able to afford a bed big enough that my feet don’t stick over the edge), I’ll never again own anything less than a California King.

“as well as a compartment suitable for a box of tissues, and a trash compartment with a removable container”

That’s pretty much a deal breaker with a used bed. I don’t want anybody’s old masturbation station.

Eew. No.

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