Maker Mayhem: Low Moments in How-To History, Part 12


A sword in the middle of the bed suddenly seems like a sensible strategy if one is trying to “make a territorial claim”.


How about “Mine” on one edge of the bed, and “Cat” covering the rest.


My bed is so big we would have our own zip codes. I mean, hypothetically. If I wasn’t alone. All night. Every night. I think I need a cat or some other bait to lure them in.


I have to admit, when I saw some of these towels for sale as separates at the Meijer, I almost bought the “Hers” and “Hers.” The Sixth Circuit may have annulled my marriage, but at least we could have the towels! But I’m too cheap to pay retail for irony.


As an older youth still living at home, I recall a set of bath towels my folks bought labeled “Yours” & “Mine”; a modest dose of humor applied to the concept along with a slight “thumbing of the nose” to the state of institutionalized patriarchy.


I’d buy a “Theirs” towel. And maybe a “Y’all’s” for guests.


I use a memory foam pillow, while my spouse uses an older stuffed one. There might be a need for “His” and “Hers” covers, except (1) the difference in sizes is a dead giveaway, (2) a gentle squeeze is also enough to tell which is which, and (3) neither of us sees a need to emphasize the difference.

This is my bed.

Where’s the link to the actual project? Pictures? Saw a couple of pics in the Tweet for this, but not in the actual article…

Manufactured controversy is manufactured.


Who’re you looking for? Alf?

Which project do you need? His or Hers?

For me it’s the dogs.

I have to push bulldog butts back to the other side all night long. I’m always in danger of being pushed to the floor.


My main complaint with the “his and hers” stuff is that they are only sold in pairs. Do they have the group set for our household? (Actually having an “ours” option would be nice, too.)

Then again, as I’m often reminded, everything here belongs to the cat. Which cat changes from moment to moment, of course.

I dunno… he looks fun to spoon.

What a lack of imagination. If you’ve never been married you can be forgiven for wondering why that borderline is needed. But have you never had a lover who hogged the covers?

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Dibs on band name!


Covers? Covers? I sleep in the crack where the bed meets the wall…


I don’t think his/hers is about a battle ground and ownership, its just about taste. Take these pillows:

They’re legitimately cool pillows! If I owned these I wouldn’t think I couldn’t use the “hers” pillow, I would just think I have some cool pillows.