Super-sized mattresses for your out-of-the-ordinary bedding needs


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I’ve long thought that the only reason a couple would need a king-size bed was to entertain. It’s certainly big enough to sleep three adults comfortably, but if your poly pod is four or more, I could see wanting one of these.


12 Dog Night


It’s called “ace,” of course, because an ace beats a king. For the next size up, only one card beats an ace.

A trump.


Baron Munchausen: I want you to come and help us fight the Turk again.

Albrecht: Oh no, I couldn’t do that. No. Not since I found myself. No, now I really know it, I never really wanted to be big, and strong and lug heavy things about. No. Now I know, I want to be dainty and sensitive. They call me ‘the midget’ down here. I love it. It’s bliss.

Berthold: He’s gone funny.


Or if you have a dog.

Source: We have a dog.


It’s a trap to lure in that 400 lbs hacker.


PartyBed (I didn’t see this particular room on the site. Perhaps one needs a codeword.)


That bed is bigger than my bedroom.


When I was writing this up, I felt like I was playing “Family Feud.”

“We surveyed 100 people; top six answers are on the board. Name the reasons why people would have an extremely oversized mattress.”

And then I forgot about furbabies! Though, they could be categorized as “children” which I did cover.


Still, some of these would be required only if you had several large dogs. Personally my bed is a dog-free zone: it is reserved for the cats.


That’s a lot of pussy…


ok ok ok take your like and GTFO.


Yeah, we’re sleeping three adults and a baby in a king size bed right now. Could use a bit more room. But I don’t think this would actually fit in our room…


Just imagine the fun of hauling that up the staircase.

Didn’t I see this here recently? I can’t seem to find it; it must have come up elsewhere.


That’s one way to do it. We just got a split box spring. We even got a hinge built into our mattress just incase we had difficulty moving it.


Band members (and groupies?), all sleeping side by side? With all those lamps like… for reading? I can imagine the former, but the latter?


Try having two dogs. It’s gotten cold enough at night around here that both dogs have taken to spending the night on the bed. One of them will invariably want to sleep between us. There’s nothing like waking up to a dog snoring beside your head.


Not a fan of slat-style beds with no box spring?


The hidden costs of polyamory…