Ruff it no more: Now there's a human-sized dog bed

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So…dogs do their utmost to get off the floor (and their floor beds) to get on our furniture with (or without!) us, so we’re now returning the favor? I think there’s already an answer to this “problem” - it’s in the bedroom.

I suspect the actual market for this product isn’t people looking for better napping options than their actual bed or the couch.


While I love this idea – it’s probably more comfortable for camping than my air mattress – it still looks a little small for my 1.93 meter body! Additionally, I usually sleep on my stomach, so I’d probably be hanging off each end of this with considerable overlap.

Let’s not even get into the price! My current air mattress isn’t ideal, but I suspect I could buy a much better model for less than $500.

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My dudes, this is $150 at Costco, it was on sale for $99 but IDK if it still is. Also, my dog believes it is just a giant dog bed:
Was it the best $99 I ever spent? Maybe!


I suspect this is paid for by our three very large working dogs that aren’t allowed in the house, and who are very jealous of the pet dog, who is. They’re pretty smart but I didn’t know they were that smart.

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If you use it like a dog would you’re supposed to curl up in it

Thus ensuring that I will get a very fitful sleep, at best! I may have many dog-like traits, but sleeping curled up in a little ball is not on that list.

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You just have to stand in the middle and turn around 3 times before you lay down, that seems to be the trick.


Weren’t dog beds for, say, great danes and saint bernards already human-sized?


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