The Twovet comforter might just solve you and your partner's bed disagreements

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Please buy quality. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Yes, I have a horse in this race.

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Only 1/3 ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Or for the same price you could buy one for each person just the thickness they like and also not have to worry about blanket hogs?


Also useful would be a blanket that fastens to the mattress down the middle so it can’t be pulled to one side

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Looking for the blanket that is wider at the bottom so the somehow 300lb lapdog isn’t able to push both people to the edges.

Why is having two vets in bed going to solve any problems? I mean i guess on on hand would be handy if the dog had any issues but not sure about the second.

Gosh, lately, much less. Elderly dog with sundowning issues. Living room couch (him) and floor (me). But both of us with very nice goose down quilts.

if you need something like this… really just get twin beds…

The wife and I do this. Top layer in winter is a pair of fuzzy throws, one heavy and one lighter as we sleep differently.

Allows lots of flex, either one can use theirs or throw if off as needed. This dual duvet thing is all or nothing still.

Is it seriously freaking pink and blue? Or is that just the way the ad lets on that this is one of those niche items catering to the heterosexual communities’ needs?

You could argue that the reddish (OK, pink) one is the “warming” one and the baby-blue one is the “cooling” one. Which would make sense … but, I mean, it’s clear that you are right.

How about each person sleeps inside their own blanket which is folded length-wise like a hotdog bun. No more stolen covers, no more dutch oven…

Oh, good, it could be like that thick bible said to be placed between dancers at the highschool prom by puritanical teachers.

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