The baffling topology of the burrito method for covering your duvet

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That’s not how burritos are rolled.


True. Burritos exist in normal space when rolled, unlike duvet covers.


I prefer the tauntaun method, in which I climb inside the opening in the cover’s side and drag the duvet in with me. I then emerge having saved my duvet friend from Hoth’s frozen nights.


I learned the burrito method from the Crazy Russian Hacker years ago and have been doing it this way ever since:

I used to do the “tauntaun method” as well but everything always came out lumpy and shaking it all even aggravates my shoulder injury. I find that with the burrito method my duvet comes out smoother. I never timed it to see if it takes longer or not but I find unrolling the duvet-burrito to be highly satisfying. :slight_smile:


New thought: what would it look like to REMOVE a duvet cover, reverse-burrito method?!? O_O

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Thank you, I came here to say that. And also that I have tried this and did not find it less difficult or labor-intensive.

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I just turn the cover inside out, put it on top, put my hands inside, grab the corners of the duvet through the corners of the cover, and turn the whole thing inside out.

This seems like the same thing only more complicated.


Rolling it up is hiding the inside out thing.

After reaching in and grabbing the corners of the comforter, I walk out my bedroom door onto the deck and go to shakin and a wigglin to get it turned right.

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I do this, but I then stand up inside the thing, holding my arms above me to stretch it out to the corners. Then I flop down horizontally on the bed and slide out the bottom, keeping it into all four corners along the way.

I’m not sure what this would be called, maybe the Stretched Tauntaun? Whatever it is, it smells better when it’s laundered.



Duvets are not bed coverings, or at least not primarily. Mostly they are torture devices.

Half-asleep and shivering in the middle of the night, the duvet having bunched over in the cover so I’m under duvet cover but not duvet, I grab and pull until I am adequately covered. Now I have pulled the duvet and cover off my wife altogether. She half wakes up, pulls on the covers until she is covered and I am not. Thus does the night proceed, each of us alternating between sweating under the entire duvet when a single layer would be about right, and shivering under nothing.

A sheet and some blankets are much preferable.


Well, I dunno about this fancy doo-vay an’ all, but if’n I put a cover on the featherbed to keep cat snot off, I grab the bottom corner of the featherbed, ram it up into the matching corner of the cover, hold that corner with my teeth while I repeat the process on the other bottom corner, then taking both corners in hand I snap the whole thing sharply while standing by the bottom center of the bedframe, so that it flops out over the whole thing covered and with feathers reasonably evenly distributed. Actually the feathers tend to go north a bit which is good since they drift south in use. Takes a minute or so I guess.

EDIT: I have just realised you probably can’t do this if you’re short or have short arms.


What about tying the corners? You forgot to tie the corners!


Topologically, you’re attaching the subset to one side of the inside-out duvet cover. When you turn the whole thing inside out with the duvet attached, the duvet finds itself attached to a side of the duvet cover that is inward facing.


Lay cover on bed. insert one corner of doona and cm reach. push to closed end, bunching up the cover as you go. Repeat with other corner. Grab closed-end corners, making sure they’re located properly. Pick up doona, stretch it out wide and give it a quick shake as it hangs vertically and the cover falls into place. Tuck in open-end corners and close.

Job done in maybe 15 seconds.

Pro-tip: Not recommended if your reach is less than 190cm.

There are duvet covers?


I’m confused, what the fuck is going on here? Duvet? Covers? I just throw that shit on top of the bed, i don’t know what this burrito nonsense is and why it’s more “convenient”.


Watch to the end of the video.

Too right. While I was watching the video I was thinking that’s more like how cheese strudel is rolled. Or cinnamon rolls.