How to fold a fitted sheet


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My wife can fold a fitted sheet so well that it is indistinguishable from a flat sheet when it is on the laundry shelf. This drives me nuts as I then can’t easily select a pair without a fair bit of unfolding, which kind-of defeats the purpose. My system of screwing the fitted sheet into a ball after a few minutes of frustration, works to better identify the fitted ones.


I reject your premise that fitted sheets must be folded!!!11!!1



Who cares when you stuff them in a drawer? Not me at least.


They get all wrinkly when you don’t fold them properly.

I never got the whole “OMG fitted sheets are just like soooo hard!1!!one!” meme. Just watching a YouTube tutorial and a tiny bit of practice was enough for me. Yes they are slightly more effort than a standard sheet but it’s really not that hard.

Next, you can master hospital corners.


I do it slightly different, but yes, my mom taught me how to do this like 30 years ago.


Wrinkles are a problem?

I mean…by definition they’re fitted so they stretch out across the mattress. Result: wrinkles disappear.

Not to mention…they’re sheets. You sleep on them. Who cares if they’re wrinkled?


I like sheets like I like my women. Flat and stiff. (/s… I much prefer fluffy and lumpy.)


What’s next? Is she going to tell me how to never lose my socks pairs?
But I also must say, how is this living on a dime? Are you really spending all your money paying the help to fold your sheets?


Same here…only wrinkled :wink:


No! Trap my feet at your peril.


Watching these sheets folded makes me feel better.


Ah! She’s a witch! Burn her!


No, but I will:


If your sheets aren’t wrinkled you are not doing it right!


Or at all…


The only difference in the technique I use is that I only fold the sheets enough to slide them into one of the pillow cases. Much easier to keep matched sets together.


If you are living on a dime, chances are the sheets go back on the bed after washing, not in a closet.


Wait. What? Sheets are supposed to fold?