How to fold a fitted sheet

We’ve actually gone to the "keep the whole set in one of the pillowcase systems. It’s great.


I can vouch that I never appreciate wrinkle-free and clean sheets until I was forced to live with them, now they are a must.



Alternatively, as you are folding your laundry when putting it away, you can do the old gag of taking a pair of socks, folding them in half, and turning the elastic inside-out around the folded bundle to make a sock ball. worked for me for years, and also when I travel.

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I know, right? Why are they even taking their sheets off the bed.

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I was completely with this until she showed this large, flat, clean table with nothing on it.

Is there a vid for people who live in normal houses?


I find this kind of knowledge SO INSPIRING. Gentle, cost-free, elegant.

Thanks for sharing.

It took me a couple tries to remember how to do it reliably, but now that I can, I feel like a goddamned warlock every time it works.

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I am stunned. I figured out my own method, because my neglectful parents never taught me how. Somehow, i seem to have stumbled upon The Right Way. I am a sheet-god.

The real puzzle is why this woman calls her channel “Living on Dune.” She looks nothing like a Fremen!


My Mom visited us recently and watched me fold some laundry. She hates the way I fold fitted sheets, t-shirts, and towels. If instead of folding laundry I just sat there and huffed gasoline, she couldn’t have been angrier or more disappointed than she was about the folding.

On the plus side, she almost cried tears of joy when she saw me (a 39 year old father of two) make the bed without anyone telling me to.


I get the same result, but I fold two corners at once. Well, I used to. Now that I live alone, I just wash my sheets and put them right back on the bed. No folding, and also no putting off making up the bed until later.

“One of the biggest challenges you’re ever going to face in your life is how to fold a fitted sheet…”

If that is true for you, you may well be living in America. The main thing is, don’t think about who your president is. Everything is OK. Really, everything is absolutely OK. Don’t worry.


Couldn’t help but read this in Krieger’s voice.

Safety pin. So cheap as to be almost free. Or suppose you could be a big spender and get a delicate bag and wash 'em in that…

It’s a Good Thing.

Or enough…

Yes! Flat sheets only for the win.

I was taught this as a kid. I never ever ever tuck in my sheets now.

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