Help crowdfund the Harlem Cryptoparty and 100 unlimited, privacy-protecting wifi hotspots for Puerto Rico


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fund CryptoHarlem for the next year

Me likey!



Have been really enjoying Calyx for a few months now. It just works.


Doesn’t Wifi require… electricity?


Hey, I know that you’re making a joke to point out the struggles that the island is going through…

But just in case anyone doesn’t know… these normally have a battery, and the cell towers have generators and battery backups. So they can be really useful in places where the infrastructure has been fubar’ed. This may be the only Internet that would work in these areas until they get the infrastructure back up.

And the Puerto Ricans have my utmost support in their righteous furry that their infrastructure is still messed up…


Yea, not much of a joke, but good to hear there’s a backup plan.


Do the libraries already offer wifi to patrons in the building?


@doctorow, when I hit “donate now” it wants me to “select a team member” and I become discouraged and confused and go away without donating.


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