Help Doctors Without Borders fill in the geodata blanks for vulnerable communities

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(apologies for the long rah rah post, but I am pretty passionate about the Missing Maps project and humanitarian/crisis mapping in general and it hardly ever comes up)

Thank you for posting this @doctorow !

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is probably the most important geo data related resource used for international humanitarian work at this point. It is the default, first go-to resource for many major NGO’s, small NGO’s and civil authorities, as well as many UN and EU organizations.

OpenStreetMap is used by people on the ground around the world everyday and is one of the most direct ways you can contribute volunteer time helping those in need and those doing relief and disaster risk reduction work, building local community resilience, relieving suffering and empowering people.

MapSwipe is developed by MSF themselves, and when you are using it, you are working on projects directly with them. The map data you generate is needed for either ongoing field work or field work in the next 60-90 days. And it will all be published as open source data so any ngo or other humanitarian organization can use it (and they do).

Yes, I am a deeply involved volunteer with Missing Maps, but that means I have the opportunity to work every day directly with folks from multiple national Red Cross’s, ICRC, MSF, OCHA, Health Alliance International, eHealthAfrica, TECHO, GFDRR, Peace Corps, civil authorities, etc etc all focused on how open geo data can benefit and enable their work so I see first hand how important and useful the mapping work is. I would not be doing it myself if the organizations on the ground were not begging us to help them generate this data.

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer besides straight up mapping (but we all straight up map too) especially in the technology area (python, C and java devs desperately needed), project development mentoring, social media, grant writing, etc.

Hit me up if you have any questions or join the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) email list and dive into MapSwipe, Missing Maps and OSM, every minute of time you volunteer map or other wise support OSM will be making a difference.

And if you are interested in maybe doing other digital humanitarian volunteer work check out the member orgs of the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) You do not have to be on the ground to have a real impact on the ground.


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