Every pub plotted on map of Britain and Ireland

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However, with the amount of pub closures weekly, this map will be out of date in a few days’ time.


So much for big data, they missed a few of the pubs in Castleconnel, Co. Limerick -

Perhaps the data are even more accurate than we thought. The map could be pre-empting closures.

OpenStreetMap is very easy to edit. If you know of pubs or anything else of interest, I encourage you to add to or correct the map.

That is the reason you so are so much better off editing OSM than google mpas, the data generated is open and will always be open for commercial or non commercial use. There is also a huge OSS ecosystem around OSM, editors, renderers, data stores, overlays, etc.

The entire software stack for OSM is open source, you can run your own and download the nightly diffs to keep it up-to-date as well.

And since it is all OSS/OpenData, you can render the map any way you want and show the data that is important to you any way you want.

I like Stamen’s Watercolor rendering personally:

If anyone is interested in doing any map related projects and needs help getting started just send me a message via these boards and I’ll be glad to help you get started.

Projects like this pub rendering are trivially easy, less than 5 minutes to create a map like this using OSM data. Just coincidentally, the UK’s pubs are pretty well mapped, apparently that is important data to the local users.

I re-drew the map with an interactive plotting tool called Bokeh: http://quasiben.github.io/bi_pubs.html . Now it’s easy to mouse around and see what pubs are where, zoom in/out, etc


The pubs in Bristol seem to have mainly hit a steady state of new ones opening as old ones close.
Of course, I could winge that the new ones are all full of beardy hipsters who don’t look old enough to be wearing long trousers but that’s just me getting old and grumpy.

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Also, ipython notebook is awesome. (full disclosure: I’m a nerd who doesn’t drink beer)

That’s awesome. And a bit scary: it took me all of 60 seconds to identify and then zoom in on my town (Guildford) by eye and by spotting a cluster of my favourlte local pub’s names… clearly I know them too well!

After having installed all the software mentioned on that site, I have now no idea how to start. The scripts (starting with “%load_ext signature”), do you have to enter them simply in the python command prompt or execute as a script file? I only get errors.

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