Help me remember an issue of Heavy Metal

My childhood was seriously traumatized by a particular issue of Heavy Metal magazine. I remember it calling itself “the violence issue”. And boy oooo boy was this issue violent. I lived in Georgia at the time, we had it at school somehow and me and my goofball friends would pass it around and read it. I think at one point the teachers confiscated it because it was so freaky. I don’t blame them!

This would have been … around 1981-ish? I’m fuzzy on the exact time frame.

I browsed a bunch of Heavy Metal magazine covers and I can’t find it in that time range, unfortunately:

I have a torrent of a bunch of issues (all the issues?) and I’ll keep looking. I would have sworn it was Heavy Metal, I have no idea how 1981 me would obtain any kind of other magazine that Comix Violent around that time, if any such thing even existed.

Does anyone else remember such an issue of Heavy Metal? The Violence Issue?


No idea, but this sounds like something that should end up at!


I think I have this one. But I am going out in a few minutes to do something time-sensitive. I will check later this morning.


Provided you’re not caught?


If you don’t get an answer PM me in two weeks and I’ll help you out. Right now I’m away from that data.

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Any luck on this? I’m encouraged that at least one person seems to remember it!

There are a bunch of issues up there already.

…but if it wasn’t, could it have been this, from 1982?


OMGGG that might be it! You are genius @Beanolini! That looks very familiar!

Yes, that’s definitely it. Kudos.


So what do you remember from the contents that left such a permanent mark? That wiki article is an empty husk, sadly.

I gotta get it now! Working on it.

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That all depends on what you mean by ‘person’, and ‘remember’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I kid because I love)

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I’m trying to obtain copies of this now. It’s really obscure, so hard to get…


Well, I have it. And it is everything I remember as an impressionable 11 year old.

… and then some.

Special thanks to @beanolini. You should PM me!


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