Help the homeless hero who reported a NJ bomb

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ddiddnt this same website call him a thief like yesterday


There was more than one bag, and more than one person found them. So no, you are incorrect, the two other guys were called thieves (which may be unfair, I don’t know the details), but this guy and his friend were just referred to as “homeless.”


Here is the quote from the other boingboing post:

One bomb, left in a rolling suitcase on West 27th Street, was
accidentally defused by two thieves who were captured on CCTV opening
the bag, transferring the bomb to a trashbag (which they left behind)
and making off with the suitcase. The cellphone attached to that bomb,
and a fingerprint recovered from the bomb, led police to Rahami.

Later, two homeless men found a backpack full of pipe-bombs on top of a
trash-bin near the Elizabeth, NJ train station, which they turned into a
nearby police-station. Police believe these bombs were the handiwork of
the Chelsea bomber.

(So the two homeless guys turned in the bombs, whereas the other two guys stole the suitcase and left the bombs behind.)


so anyone starting a go fund me for the thieves ?


Yeah, it’s called Kickstarter.


The man did something interesting. The man won the temporary fame lottery. Due to an extraordinary set of circumstances, the mans name has economic value. It does or you wouldn’t be using it to solicit donations. And then you go and use his name to raise money for somebody else. That seems to me to have an air of theft about it. If you had used Donald Trump’s name to raise money for a charity for which he has no involvement, Donald would sue your pants off. And win… Lee Parker doesn’t have that luxury.

While the Elizabeth Coalition appears to be an entirely worthwhile charity, and seems entirely deserving of support, The Elizabeth Coalition seems to focus almost of their attention on homeless children, and families. While they do operate a 45-bed “emergency winter shelter operated during December-March [sic] with assistance from local religious and community groups”, they aren’t really helping Lee Parker right now, and don’t have any apparent plans to do so, except during an occasional snow storm.

I appreciate the good intentions. But this seems fundamentally wrong.

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[Quote]There’s a GoFundMe that’s raising a lot of money, but it’s not clear how that money will be allocated[/Quote]

From the GoFundMe campaign site: " A portion of the funds will also go toward the Elizabeth Coalition for the Homeless. Funds will be split 1/3 for Lee Parker, 1/3 for Ivan White and a 1/3 for the Elizabeth Coalition to House The Homeless." What more exactly do you need?

The GoFundMe campaign seems reasonable. The man who is running the campaign appears to know Lee Parker personally, and appears to have a track record of community organization and fund-raising in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

What you have done by trying to cut Lee Parker out of the equation is seriously offensively wrong.

Link to the GoFundMe campaign: If you’re going to donate money to Lee Parker, you need to do it here, instead of directly contributing to the Elizabeth Coalition for the Homeless. Nothing wrong with donating to the Elizabeth Coalition; it’s just wrong to pretend that you’re doing it in Lee Parker’s name.

Some of the reporting I read said the bombs in Elizabeth did not have detonators. They were unlikely to explode; lives were not likely in danger. Still, good on the men who found them to alert the proper authorities, and promptly.

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