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So me and my family are doing a christmas quiz thing. We’ve got 59 of 60 answers already, but we’re missing one. It’s a “seasonal” question and it’s either “cryptic, straight or an anagram”

The clue is “Where santa and his elves meet in July (14,7)” We have NO idea.

(btw, the 14,7 is an indication of how many letters in each word not a date)

so, it’s a two-word answer, 14 letters and then 7 letters?

don’t understand. what does “seasonal” mean in this context? that the answer is some kind of holiday-themed pun? if it’s an anagram, what is the word we’re anagram-ing?

Shatt al Gharsah, Tunisia fits (assuming “Shatt al Gharrsah” counts as one compound word or whatever) but that’s my point, I’m just plugging in a location that fits the numbers. How do we know which 14,7 letter location is “right?”

There were 3 sets of questions, one on TV, one based on our local area and one was “Seasonal”, in this context, yes christmassy.

The entirity of the clue is

Where Santa and his elves meet in July

and yes, 14,7 is 2 words 1st 14 letters, second 7

The rules of the quiz say that it is either a cryptic clue (like a crossword), a straight clue, or an anagram (for example, one from the TV round was “The obstinate rattling shows some skill” and the answer was “Britains Got Talent” being an anagram of “obstinate rattling”)

“In July” could mean

“Ju [where Santa and his elves meet] ly” or variations thereon.

The answer of course is his fortress on Neptune, I just can’t get it to fit. Although there are seven letters in Neptune…

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Googling around suggests that Claustrophobic/a is 14 letters long, if that helps.

Ok, so far we got “Claustropobic Neptune”… and Claustrophobic is 13 letters. I think we’ve cracked it!

It seems like the easiest clue is that one of these words is 14 letters long, which is a very unusual length for a word, let alone a place-name. assuming 14,7 denotes city, country; or city, state, there’s not a whole hell of a lot of choices. it’s tough to get google to give good results, though.

Flying Fish Cove is 14, but it’s on Christmas Island, which is not 7, but that’s pretty “seasonal,” maybe there’s something there… ?

Papua New Guinea is 14, but if that’s the country, then the 7 would have to be something outside my stated idea, and neither does PNG seem seasonally-themed at all.

not sure how July fits in. not seeing any anagrams in the clue but I’m not great at spotting them

I think you’re onto something. Countries… 7 letters… Jamaica? Maybe it’s a bad joke about a vacation spot?

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nineteen-forty cinemas


More on point than “psychoanalytic therapy”.


I thought of this film, but I didn’t pursue the thought far enough.

“Theater” is also seven letters.

The only thing keeping me from signing off on this answer is the use of a hyphen as a letter.

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Leningradskaya Station


I also have Christmasworld, Harrods.’-christmas-world-in-store-now!

Grammar, schmammar, spelling, schmelling.

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July is opposite Christmas.
South Pole is opposite of North Pole.
Is there anyplace in Antarctica that satisfies the letter requirements?
A map shows few named features . . .
Wiki page shows no cities but has a list of science labs.
List shows a surprising number, but some are named such and such station.
“Station” is seven letters ( ! )
Scan list for long names with “Station.”
Leningradskaya jumps out. It is 14 letters!
Rest of list shows no other 14 letter names.



Sounds good to me. :thumbsup:

And if it’s not the answer on the answer-sheet, it bloody well should be.


Abandoned by mortals, and came with radome in christmasy colors!


With respect, I think we’re gonna go with the department store

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I’m assuming you don’t want to win, then.

My answers are definitely wrong.

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