Soaky Santa Toy


I’m remember those! I didn’t remember them being called “Soaky” but whatever.

You could collect the bottles of different characters like Pez dispensers. Being that you were a kid playing with it, the soap would last for 3 baths if you were lucky.

That my widowed working Mom bought them for us gives me all the more reason to love her.

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He’s winking because Santa seeing you naked is a secret between you and him.

Why is the sock transparent?

Wink Santa, where’s my presents?

I take local delivery, every time.



Between you and the NSA…



I don’t think it is – it’s just a Christmas stocking made of string – there isn’t anything between the strings which would be fine if the toys and candy put into it were larger than the spaces between the strings.

From what I understand all socks are made of string. What I am saying is that you can look right trough the sock in the image. (I am kidding: this post has been a joke. Thank you, you’ve been a great audience)

It’s good to see that there’s still something to appreciate now that @Horse_ebooks is gone.

I remember them, too, mikea. All sorts of different cartoon character bottles. I don’t recall Santa, though.

It’s netting. When I was a kid, a lot of stocking were made of netting, especially the ones you could buy pre-stuffed with little gifts or fruit.

Teach kids that when you twist off Santa’s head, you get soapsuds. Works for me.

Ah - SOAKY - i remember them - they had the heads usually of cartoon characters - i remember having Rocky and Bullwinkle Soakies we had baths in them all the time until they started giving my sisters and i genital rashes - i know i know TMI- but they were HARSH!

Soaky in Polish means juices. Winking Santa will tell you that’s just a coincidence

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