Soaky Santa Toy




I’m remember those! I didn’t remember them being called “Soaky” but whatever.

You could collect the bottles of different characters like Pez dispensers. Being that you were a kid playing with it, the soap would last for 3 baths if you were lucky.

That my widowed working Mom bought them for us gives me all the more reason to love her.


He’s winking because Santa seeing you naked is a secret between you and him.


Why is the sock transparent?


Wink Santa, where’s my presents?

I take local delivery, every time.




Between you and the NSA…




I don’t think it is – it’s just a Christmas stocking made of string – there isn’t anything between the strings which would be fine if the toys and candy put into it were larger than the spaces between the strings.


From what I understand all socks are made of string. What I am saying is that you can look right trough the sock in the image. (I am kidding: this post has been a joke. Thank you, you’ve been a great audience)


It’s good to see that there’s still something to appreciate now that @Horse_ebooks is gone.


I remember them, too, mikea. All sorts of different cartoon character bottles. I don’t recall Santa, though.


It’s netting. When I was a kid, a lot of stocking were made of netting, especially the ones you could buy pre-stuffed with little gifts or fruit.


Teach kids that when you twist off Santa’s head, you get soapsuds. Works for me.


Ah - SOAKY - i remember them - they had the heads usually of cartoon characters - i remember having Rocky and Bullwinkle Soakies we had baths in them all the time until they started giving my sisters and i genital rashes - i know i know TMI- but they were HARSH!


Soaky in Polish means juices. Winking Santa will tell you that’s just a coincidence


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