This onesie will make you look like a seriously depraved Santa


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Are we good? Good. Now imagine tat-Santa lurching around the room, knocking things over because he can’t see!


This is clearly what you must be wearing to not look awkward hanging out with that 6’ stuffed bear with the long legs. :neutral_face:


I just don’t see why I would pay $130 to look exactly the same.


For years I’ve wondered what the next goatsee would be, now I know. Excuse me, I have to go pluck out my eyes with a spoon.



Imagine all the participants in a santa fun run wearing these. Just imagine it.


Thanks for that image I now need to go cleanse from my brain…


My work here is done.


That site is absolutely insane. In a good way. I highly recommend fellow happy mutants checking it out.

If this is the future of e-commerce, sign me the hell up.


Go for it:


Zip a humanoid robot in one of these, and you’ve got something from the bottom of a 5000’ deep borehole in the deepest depths of the Uncanny Valley.


That’s a more honorable way to get perpetually banned from entering a mall.


What the heck, it’s about time to post the Rare Exports trailer again anyway…


“…nothing sexy about it.”

Au contraire. Utah marches to the beat of a different drum.


Oh. I get it. Surfing… SURFING!!… the… what does it say… INTERNET. How clever. Might as well replace “Internet” with “World Wide Web”.


I’ve just come back from visiting the site. Their “About” says, ‘Beloved is a brand that says it’s ok to wear pizza on your clothing. Or anything else you want, really.’

They’re not kidding. Everything there appears to be in bad taste… intentionally. Having grown up in NY, I remember the many novelty stores around Times Square, and what was presented back then as cheap molded plastic garbagio is now presented by ‘Beloved’ as clothing!


I did.
I think you owe me a very large drink now.


Please pass the eye-bleach.


They need to put this back on netflix streaming… or I need to go buy a copy of that film.